- New Theme, new music.. new all *u*
- April BOTM
- Give Away
aww, it's my 1st one, I'm so excited >u<

wish me luck ouo

Yowamushi Pedal, Haikyuu, Diamond no Ace, Centimeter Per Second.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Citrus.

The Book Thief, Safe Haven.


01. Be Alright
02. The Silence
03. Skinny Love
04. Life's for the Living
05. Lua
06. Eu Me Lembro
07. Last Leaf
Anonymous: When does the poll for your BOTM end? ; v ;

ahh ehhh, the poll have already end (if you look at my botm badge I’ve already changed the blog since monday) but I’m really lazy and keep forgetting to post the results, sorry >/~/<

my dog is bitting my hand for me to stop using my phone and give her attention…..

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i accidentally messed up my life how do i start a new account

6 hours ago  


how come in like every single book ever the weird awkward girl gets the hot popular guy like this is not how real life works 

6 hours ago  


just come over, wrap your arms around me and let me fall asleep with you

7 hours ago  


wtf what do 3/4 of my followers do because they sure don’t reblog or like my posts

seriously what do you guys do

are you waiting for something

what are you waiting for

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People want to hear songs with the words they’re afraid to say.

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i’ve grown so unattached from people like i could literally move across the country tomorrow and not give a shit about leaving anyone except for like 3 people

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8 hours ago  
beth-chi: Your side blog is so niceeee! :D

haha, is it? >u< ~thanks for thinking so, like I dont really post much there cuz I dont follow much color blogs, but it’s pretty cool ;)

8 hours ago  asks beth-chi